“Because plasma energy can allow us to control bodily mechanisms such as wound healing, in the future, healing a wound could be as simple as exposing the area to a plasma energy light. Before, we had to just wait on nature to do things.  Now that we control the energy, we can turn these [bodily mechanisms] on and turn them off whenever we want to.”

Richard M. Satava, M.D, FACS
Professor, Department of Surgery
University of Washington Medical Centre
Seattle, Washington
Spring 2014

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PlasmaHeal is seeking potential investors for its patent applied for Plasma Light device that will have global impact (and associated market opportunities) across the Cosmetic, Veterinarian and Medical spaces. Early trials have demonstrated outstanding results—PlasmaHeal will be a ‘game changer’ with the associated commercial outcomes for its shareholders. We have a detailed IM and Business Plan—if the opportunity resonates please contact us to discuss further.